ASAPS: Advanced Stories Authoring and Presentation System

Welcome to the new home of ASAPS, an open, extensible system for interactive narrative. The complete system contains three components:

  1. ASML (Advanced Stories Markup Language):
    An XML-based document markup format for interactive narrative. This also includes defining the functions necessary for turning the document's descriptions into an interactive experience.

  2. ASE (Advanced Stories Engine):
    A engine which implements the necessary functions to read and play back the ASML documents.

  3. ASB (Advanced Stories Builder):
    An authoring tool to simplify creation and editing of the ASML files.


Private Beta

Please contact us if you want to try out the current realease canditate version of ASAPS.


ASB Screenshots (Version Beta 18):

ASB Beat 18 Authoring Screen

Authoring Screen

ASB Beta 18 Nodes/Props Screen

Nodes/Props Screen

ASB Beta 18 Characters Screen

Characters Screen

ASB Beta 18 Character Editor

Character Editor

ASB Beta 18 Node Editor

Node Editor

ASB Beta 18 Plot Graph

Plot Graph

For story screen shots, see Resources.

Advanced Stories: ASAPS
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