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Works by students


Bears and Beavers

The Ship



The Multiple Lives of Walter B. 

Interactive Installation, last shown in Copenhagen and Porto

Breaking Points 

Collaboration with Digdem & Tonguc Sezen

An interactive narrative about a women trying to escape her daily routine. Also about chaos theory and how miniscule decisions can affect our lives.

Selected for the Digra 2014 Blank Arcade.

Available on the iTunes AppStore for iPads. Free.


Occupy Istanbul

Collaboration with Inan Temelkuran

A video game about the Gezi Park protests 2013. The player finds herself in the middle of the protests and can try out various modes of (non)engagement.

Shown in Istanbul at an art gallery in November 2013.



Installation & Video

En Transit

Collaboration with Sara Hornbacher. 12 minute video with sound. Premiered at the Atlanta Underground Film Festival 2009.

En Transit explores aspects of the life of German media theorist Walter Benjamin and his relationship to architecture and the cities of Berlin and Paris.

En Transit Screen 1

Into the Distance I/II

Two short videos exploring the path of a small boat disappearing into the distance. Watercolors serve as interstitia and combine with extremely slowed down passages to make the viewer aware of the relationship between artistic concept and real-life performance.

Into the distance screen

31 Flavors of Evil

Part of the Rapid Eye 50 Hour Film competition. Created in 50 hours total and was premiered at the Atlanta Film Festival 2007.

31 Flavors of Evil

Battleships, Battles of the Sea

An installation piece exploring the relationship between sculptural work and video. Frist shown at Sculpture 2007 at Eyedrum, Atlanta

Battles of the Sea


Interactive Narrative

Red's Path Through the Woods

This narrative expands the concept of delayed consequences and ambigious choices to character development. Loosely based on the borthers Grimm's Little Red Riding Hood, it allows the interactor to develop her own version of the protagonist in terms of several possible character traits.

Red Story Screenshot

The Weekend

An interactive narrative about trying to "hook up". This piece explores the concept of accumulated and delayed concequences combined with ambigious choices to create interesting uncertainty and rewarding replay.

The Weekend Screenshot


Software Pieces


A Java applet that simulates paper paper cutout techniques to create patterns.




An unconventional way to show the time of the day. Java applet.




My main body of works has been in landscape photography and panaroma (360 degree) pictures. Lately, I've become more interested in portraits. See here for a selection.

More recent work is at 500px

Portrait Tree on field

Rease Point lighthouse
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